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urban Epicure was founded in 2000 by Deidre Hopp. A graduate of Tante Marie's cooking school, Ms. Hopp trained under famed Chef Traci Des Jardins at the Acme Chophouse in San Francisco. Urban Epicure creates cuisine that reflects the diverse cultures brought together in large metropolitan areas. In these urban centers, people from various ethnic backgrounds pass on rich food traditions from their homelands. Drawing from these diverse cultural influences, Urban Epicure creates cuisine that reflects the true spirit of an urban center. Using a combination of techniques and ingredients from a variety of cultures, Urban Epicure produces delicious food that you can enjoy in your own home.


  • Jerry & Jessica Seinfeld
  • Trina Turk
  • Tom Gores
  • Glenn & Cindy Frey
  • The Leakey Foundation
  • Platinum Equity
  • Bruce & Claude Wasserstein
  • Thea Wines
  • Lazard Freres & Co. LLC

Jack A. Hopp II. - Social Director
Our famed "social" director joined Urban Epicure in September of 2003. Jack came to us by way of a Baja Fresh parking lot at the Westside Pavilion. It was at this taco shop, where his adorning eyes and velvety coat secured him a lovely and a career of his dreams.

Jack plays a crucial role at Urban Epicure, the "social elixir" if you will. He is self-taught and has no formal training. His presence is guaranteed to lively up even the dullest of parties. Simply put, if you can't score a date while hiking Runyon Canyon with this dog - something's very wrong.

In his free time he enjoys playing fetch (and not returning the ball), eating your most expensive leather shoes, chasing birds, digging, shredding paper, and snuggling.

Things we love:
loteria, palm springs, the ipod, viognier's & vouvray's, sticky buns from the healdsburg creamery, trina turk, fog, pulled pork, clairefontaine notebooks, extra fine point sharpies, levi premiums, jet blue, claudia ciutti's, red vines, hayes valley, trashy magazines, sigerson morrisons, sunset beach on shelter island, round swamp farm's chicken salad, citarella, ferry plaza farmers market, luscious Jackson, the roots, wax poetic, tibi, frederic malle parfumes, ice coffee, burgers at the slow club, hog island oyster co., cookie dough, hbo, mai tai's at dukes, viv & Ingrid hoops, cynthia rowley, farley's, gnocchi at Jackson fillmore, hazel's sandwich shop, wastelands, lobster rolls at LUNCH, lip gloss, the oriental in bangkok, butcher steaks, banh khoai (vietnamese crepe), hanoi, potrero hill, croque monsieur's and sustainable agriculture.